What is Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy in Vero Beach FL?

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Florida Spine in Vero Beach FL is now offering Physical Therapy. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term “physical therapy” before. People who have been injured, such as athletes, often end up seeing a, as do individuals who are simply having physical problems as a result of past injuries or certain physical disorders. But the term “physical therapy” is a bit broad, which is why a lot of people don’t know what the specifics of the practice actually are.

What is Physical Therapy?

It is a primary care specialty in medicine that helps correct physical impairments and that helps promote the mobility and function – and thereby, the quality of life – of a patient. Therapists will examine patients, diagnose problems, provide a professional prognosis and then treat the issues using a variety of methods, including manual therapy, exercise therapy, biomechanics (mechanical force and movements), electrotherapy and a number of other therapies.

What is the Process?

The therapy will often be recommended by primary care doctors if a patient is struggling with an illness or injury that is limiting their ability to move or perform functional activities in their daily lives. For example, individuals who injured their legs playing sports, individuals who injured their backs in car accidents or individuals who are experiencing pain and problems with movement as a result of arthritis will often seek out physical therapy to help reduce pain and improve their ability to function.

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Your therapists will make a diagnosis based on each individual’s medical history in conjunction with a physical examination, often using X-rays, CT-scans or MRIs to assist them. A management plan will then be created. This management plan may include treatments such as:

  • Specific exercises (which the therapists will assist with or prescribe to patients to be done at home).
  • Manual therapy and manipulation (such as massage therapy).
  • The use of mechanical devices that produce heat, cold, electricity, sound waves, radiation, prostheses and more.

The management plan will often include treatment that will help prevent the further loss of mobility. This can include therapeutic treatment for patients whose movement and function may be threatened by injury, disease, aging or environmental factors.

Physical therapy is something that can help to improve your movement and mobility as well as reduce physical pain caused by injuries or illnesses. If you would like to see a professional therapist, then be sure to contact us at Florida Spine Vero Beach today(270) 567-7777


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