Wellness and Your Strength

Your muscles are incredibly important to your wellness. They don’t just provide you with the strength you need to perform everyday tasks, they also provide your body with the support it requires. Think of your muscles as the wires that hold up a tall radio antenna. For the antenna to stand up straight, the wires must be equally strong on all sides. If it’s not, the antenna will begin to slant.

The same applies to your body — if certain muscles weaken, your body could end up becoming misaligned. It’s why you should consider physical therapy as a way to improve your wellness in Vero Beach, FL.

Muscle Strength and Your Wellness

Your muscles strengthen and weaken based on the demand you place on them. For example, if you lift weights, the muscles being used to lift those weights will grow stronger to meet the demand you’re placing on them. However, if you live a more sedentary lifestyle, your muscles won’t be challenged and will grow weak as a result. This can cause an imbalance in your muscle strength, which in turn can lead to poor posture and chronic muscle tension. Such muscle imbalances will only grow worse if you don’t address them due to reciprocal inhibition.

Reciprocal inhibition occurs to prevent your muscles from working against each other. Essentially, when one muscle group is contracted, the opposing muscle group will relax. If you’re only using one set of muscles, the opposing set is at risk of atrophy. For example, if you’re constantly sitting at a desk all day, it’s the muscles in the upper back and chest that are being used. Over time, the muscles in your middle back will weaken because they are not being worked the same way. This causes poor posture as well as chronic muscle spasms.

Preventing Weakened Muscles

Regular exercise can help ensure that you are using all of your body’s muscles to prevent certain muscle groups from weakening and causing painful issues. Physical therapy can be very beneficial in this manner. A physical therapist can determine which muscles need to be strengthened and prescribe specific exercises. They can also perform manual therapy to reduce pain and improve range of motion to make exercise easier.

Ensure your wellness in Vero Beach by keeping your muscles strong. To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist in Vero Beach, contact us at Florida Spine.