Wellness and Your Balance

If you’re looking for ways to improve your wellness in Vero Beach, then one area you should focus on is your balance. Without good balance, you’re more likely to fall and injure yourself during physical activities. As you grow older, your balance is going to be especially important since falling will increase the risk of injury. Fortunately, you can improve your balance by going to physical therapy.

Improving Your Balance With Physical Therapy

If you live a more sedentary lifestyle; for example, you spend a majority of your time at work behind a desk, then your body may not have very good balance. This is because good balance is dependent on strong muscles, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause extreme stress on your muscles. You’re more likely to experience muscular tension, which could restrict your movement, cause muscle tightness, and cause joint pain.

It’s why exercising on a regular basis will help to improve your balance. Things like swimming, yoga, bicycling, bodybuilding, pilates, and martial arts are all known to help improve one’s balance. If you’ve experienced an injury and cannot participate in any of these activities, then physical therapy can help you. Not only will physical therapy help you recover from an injury much faster, but a physical therapist can help to improve your balance by focusing on strengthening different muscle groups in your body.

Even if you’re not injured, physical therapy can help improve your balance in many ways. A physical therapist will do a thorough evaluation of your physical health and customize a treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. For example, they will prescribe different types of exercises for someone in their mid 30’s who is completely healthy than they would for a senior citizen who may have some physical limitations.

Physical therapy will help strengthen your joints and improve your flexibility as well as build strength in specific muscle groups, such as in your legs, in your core, and in your back, all of which will contribute to improving the balance and coordination of your body.

Improving your body’s balance is important to your overall wellness in Vero Beach. Poor balance can make physical activity more difficult and can increase the risk of falls, which can cause serious injuries. For more information on how we can help improve your wellness in Vero Beach, be sure to contact us at Florida Spine today.