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What’s involved in a Therapy Session in Vero Beach, FL?

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If you’re thinking about getting physical therapy in Vero Beach, FL, then odds are you have a pretty good idea of how physical therapy will help you since you probably have a specific physical issue that needs attention. However, you might not know exactly what to expect from a typical physical therapy session.

Florida Spine physical therapy is different from other facilities. The process starts with an evaluation by a physical therapist. At other facilities you may not see that same physical therapist for each visits after your evaluation. At Florida Spine you will see the same physical therapist that does your evaluation on every visit to our clinic. We find there are many benefits our patients enjoy from our continuity of treatment.

Your Initial Physical Therapy Session

The number of therapy sessions you’ll need to attend will differ depending on what your unique needs are and the plan prescribed to you by your therapist. However, the initial visit will always be different than your follow up sessions.

During your initial visit, the physical therapist will evaluate your case by listening to you as you tell them about your specific condition. They will ask questions about how your condition affects your daily life and what your previous level of function was like. The therapist will then perform a physical examination in order to thoroughly evaluate your impairments so that they can put together a customized treatment plan.

Some of the different types of tests a therapist may perform during this initial examination can include range of motion measurements, tests of strength, balance tests, functional mobility tests, neurological screenings and palpations.

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A Typical Physical Therapy Session In Vero Beach, FL

Once your initial evaluation session is out of the way, you can expect following sessions to be relatively similar. You will most likely be prescribed specific exercises to do on your own at home, which you will have to keep up with in order to see improvement. Depending on your plan, you may be required to come in several times a week or just once a week for a specific length of time.

During each session, you’ll be asked about your condition and your function to determine if any improvements are being made. The therapist will then perform manual techniques that include massages, mobilization, myofascial release and traction throughout the session depending on your particular plan. The therapist will help you do therapeutic and functional exercises during your session as well. Additionally, they will do regular evaluations in order to adjust your plan if needed.

These are some of the things you can expect out of your initial physical therapy session as well as follow up sessions. If you are in need of physical therapy in Vero Beach, then be sure to contact us at Florida Spine to schedule an appointment today 772-567-7777


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