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Physical Therapy Proceedures in Vero Beach, FL

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When it comes to physical therapy in Vero Beach, FL, every patient is treated differently. A physical therapist will carefully evaluate your specific issues and how they affect your mobility or ability to function before prescribing a treatment plan that’s customized specifically for your needs. Depending on the plan, there are a number of potential physical therapy procedures that the therapist may perform during your sessions. The following are the basic types of physical therapy procedures:


  • Manual Therapy – Manual therapy involves the use of the hands. Therapists will manually apply force in order to reduce pain or correct joint impairments. Manual procedures are performed on arms, legs and along the entire spinal column. There are many different types of manual therapy procedures that can be performed by a physical therapist, including numerous types of massage therapy treatments.
  • Mechanical Traction – This procedure involves the use of a machine in order to pull or distract spinal segments, which helps provide relieve nerve irritation or reduce muscle spasms. The machine is placed either on the cervical spine up on the neck with a neck halter or on the lower back part of the spine using a pelvic belt. Mechanical traction is often done for individuals suffering from neck pain or lower back pain.
  •  Exercise Regimens – Depending on the patient, a physical therapist is likely to prescribe a variety of different exercises to perform at home. they will also help the patient to perform certain exercises during physical therapy sessions. Exercises are often used to help rehabilitate physical injuries.
  • Physical Therapy Modalities – Modalities are types of procedures that make use of electrical, mechanical or thermal energy. For example, the use of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, paraffin, moist heat and ice packs are all types of physical therapy modalities. These modalities are typically used in order to reduce pain, reduce muscle spasms, reduce swelling and to increase circulation. Some modalities, such as phonophoresis and iontophoresis, are used in order to deliver topical medications through the patient’s skin.
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These are some of the different procedures that may be prescribed as part of your physical therapy treatment. Keep in mind that each procedure does cover a variety of different types of treatment. For information about the procedures that we use or to schedule physical therapy in Vero Beach, FL, be sure to contact us at Florida Spine today 772-567-7777.


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