Physical Therapy for Seniors

Senior citizens are often more at risk for physical injuries or illnesses that result in pain and physical limitations. Physical therapy in Vero Beach, FL can help to restore physical function, including flexibility, balance, coordination and strength, as well as help to reduce pain, thereby making it easier to perform daily tasks and activities.

How can a physical therapist help?

Physical therapy can be used to recover from an injury or to treat physical limitations and pain no matter how old the patient is. A physical therapist will customize a plan based on the patient’s particular conditions and limitations using a variety of techniques that will help to improve their movement, restore their function and reduce their pain.

First, the physical therapist will determine the patient’s range of movement and function before then helping to reduce pain and swelling. A physical therapist will then prescribe exercises, such as stretching or even lifting weights, to help the patient increase their flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.

Different types of physical therapy

The following are the different techniques that a physical therapist will employ depending on the condition of the patient:

  • Manual therapy – Manual therapy involves massaging the muscles and soft tissues of a patient by hand in order to reduce pain and improve flexibility. Mobilization and manipulation are also used to help loosen tight joint tissues and realign joints and bones.
  • Cold therapy – Cold therapy involves the use of ice packs, ice massage and RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling caused by conditions such as arthritis.
  • Heat therapy – Heat therapy helps to loosen muscles prior to exercise and can improve blood circulation, which helps loosen stiff joints caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis.
  • Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy makes use of water to heal soft tissues, relax the body and increase blood flow.
  • Electrical stimulation – Electrical stimulation helps contract muscles in patients with arthritis or who have experienced strokes. It can also be used to reduce pain.
  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound is often used in order to reduce muscle spasms and help the muscles relax both prior to and following exercise.

If you have suffered an injury or have a condition that is limiting your function or causing physical pain, then you should consider seeking physical therapy in Vero Beach, FL. To schedule a physical therapy session in Vero Beach, be sure to contact us at Florida Spine today.