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How a Chiropractor can Help You in Vero Beach FL

Chiropractic care has been used for decades to reduce pain, improve mobility so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.  You’ll find the Florida Spine staff in Vero Beach, FL to be professional, friendly, and truly dedicated to your wellness and quality of life.  Here are a few helpful facts about Chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic?

Doctors of chiropractic belong to a health care profession that focuses on the musculoskeletal system and nervous system disorders. They are more commonly referred to as chiropractors. Chiropractors go through thorough training and have a broad set of skills, including the ability to make a wide range of diagnoses, recommend exercises that are therapeutic and rehabilitative, and to provide professional counseling in regards to nutrition, diet, and lifestyle.

Doctors of chiropractic are regulated by state licensing boards and require the completion of an accredited four-year doctoral graduate school program. Once that program is completed, national board exams must be passed in order to obtain a license to practice. This license has to be maintained every year through ongoing education credits through state-approved CE (continuing education) programs.

What Does a Chiropractor Do in Vero Beach FL?

The approach of a chiropractor is hands-on and drug-free. They will begin their diagnosis of a patient through clinical examination, lab testing, diagnostic testing and various other methods to identify whether the problem the patient is experiencing can be properly addressed via chiropractic treatment. If it’s determined that chiropractic treatment is not suitable for the problem, a good chiropractor will be able to recommend another health care provider that can address it.

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Chiropractic treatment in Vero Beach FL

Chiropractic care can be provided as both a primary or complementary form of treatment. For example, patients who are suffering from lower back pain often require chiropractic treatment as their main form of treatment. However, in some cases, chiropractic treatment can be provided to support the treatment for other medical conditions, especially conditions that cause musculoskeletal issues.

When it comes to the actual treatment, one of the most common procedures is spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation helps to restore joint mobility through the application of controlled force to joints that are restricted in their movement, something that’s often caused by tissue injury. Tissue injuries are often caused by traumatic events, such as repetitive stresses or the improper lifting of a heavy object. In addition to restoring mobility, spinal manipulation can help alleviate pain and muscle tightness.

If you’re having back or neck issues, then you should consider seeking chiropractic treatment. Contact Dr Bryan Wells at Florida Spine to schedule an appointment in Vero Beach today at(270) 567-7777.


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Chiropractors use chiropractic adjustments to reposition the bones that are out of proper alignment or subluxated. There are various techniques for adjusting the vertebrae. Depending on the patient’s age, condition, and the doctor’s training and experience, any of these techniques may be used. The purpose of the adjustment is to remove any interference to the nervous system, which improves spinal function and overall health. Chiropractic adjustments are safe for all ages and are completely natural.

Yes. Chiropractic has an excellent safety record. A New Zealand government study found that adjustments are “remarkably safe.” The result of chiropractic’s conservative and natural approach makes it so safe and helps millions of satisfied patients avoid harmful drugs or unnecessary surgery.

Adjustments do not always produce a sound. However, some techniques do create a “popping” sound. This audible release results from gas shifting in the joint, similar to the noise made by “cracking” your knuckles. This sound is painless and causes no harm. 

Chiropractic is no more addictive than exercise, proper diet, or brushing your teeth. Chiropractors recommend getting your spine checked for subluxations periodically throughout your life because it is healthy for you to do so. Patients under long-term chiropractic care report an overall sense of health and well-being, far beyond diet and exercise alone.

There are three primary causes of vertebral subluxation. Physical stresses on the spine and nervous system may include slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, repetitive motion, and improper sleeping. Chemical stress includes smoking, alcohol abuse, not drinking enough water, improper diet, or the overuse of drugs or medications. Finally, emotional stress is a major cause of subluxation due to its effect on the hormonal and muscular systems of the body. Regardless of the cause, these subluxations need to be detected and removed.

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