Car Accident Injury Chiropractic Care

If you’ve experienced any injuries in a car accident, you’ll want to make sure that you seek medical treatment right away. However, not all car accident-related injuries are that immediately obvious. It’s been known for people who have been involved in car accidents to develop serious back, neck, or muscle injuries that don’t appear for days or even weeks following the accident. If you’re having such issues, you’ll want to seek car accident injury care in Vero Beach, FL in the form of chiropractic care.

Common injuries caused by car accidents

There are a lot of different types of injuries that you can suffer in a car accident. Front-end collisions can cause a wide range of problems, including flexion distraction, compression vertebrae fractures, and transverse process injuries. Whiplash is another common car accident injury, which occurs when the head is jerked, resulting in muscle tears and disc herniation in the neck. Even minor car accidents can cause soft tissue bruising and muscle strain due to the impact.

Reasons why symptoms may not appear immediately

If you don’t immediately feel any pain, have difficulty with movement, or visibly see an injury following a car accident, odds are you might assume that you’ve come out unscathed. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may have actually experienced damage to your musculoskeletal system, such as a misaligned spine that can lead to herniated disks. When this happens, you may begin feeling pain the mid to lower areas of your back where the muscles and connective tissue have begun to swell from inflammation.

The swelling caused by such an injury can actually take days or weeks to occur, which means that you may not realize you are injured until you begin feeling the pain caused by the swelling. The same type of thing can happen with your neck muscles and your spine’s upper cervical vertebrae. When your neck muscles tear or your upper spine discs herniate, it causes whiplash, which you may not feel until some time after the accident has occurred.

Treating your injuries with chiropractic care

If you’ve been in a car accident, then you should consider seeking chiropractic care. A chiropractor can help you be proactive about your treatment by diagnosing your injuries immediately following your accident even if you haven’t begun experiencing symptoms yet. One of the reasons this is so important is so that you can file for injury benefits with your car insurance company.

When you first come into Florida Spine, we will do a consultation and exam so that we can determine the extent of your injuries. We will then perform chiropractic adjustments to help realign your system. Doing this will help to increase the circulation of nutrients throughout your body, thereby helping to promote the healing process.

In addition to chiropractic procedures, we can also perform massage therapy to help treat any lower back pain or muscle pain that you are already feeling. Massage therapy will also help to increase your blood flow and nutrient circulation, both of which will help make it easier for your body to heal.

Schedule car accident injury care in Vero Beach, FL today

Whether you’re experiencing pain from a physical injury caused by a car accident or were recently involved in a car accident and you want to make sure that you weren’t injured and just haven’t begun experiencing symptoms yet, you should schedule an appointment with Florida Spine in Vero Beach today. We can help diagnose whatever injury you’ve experienced and provide both chiropractic care and massage therapy to promote healing and reduce feelings of pain.